We want a proactive person, fussy at project level, passionate about Creation,
Advertising, Digital, Trends and new ideas. Quicksilver, empathetic, with
initiative who wants to work for pleasure.

We don’t promise it’s easy. We have beautiful but capricious clients. You have to be
patient, dedicated and solve cases, sometimes at the same time (or alternatively).


  • relaxed communication with the team;
  • impeccable time management;
  • perseverance and orientation towards personal and professional development;
  • the desire to have a good career in advertising;
  • Full time program
  • Among our accounts are big brands with cool and creative projects, it’s important that you can scale them;


• Bring your skills and passions to the team, come up with references and ideas and
manage our accounts digitally: create accounts, set up digital accounts, post, track
posts, comments and community, you follow campaigns and projects in creation and
• It is a mix between project management, content, art direction, account
management and buttoning
• To bring projects to completion, organized and simplified as much as possible
• To assume responsibilities and deadlines, together with the whole team – here we
work as a team. We all track our accounts;
• Don’t get stuck in obstacles, but look for solutions so you can overcome them.
• Give feedback, treat everyone mindfully and respectfully, mediate and put aside
unnecessary egos. We focus on top executions and projects delivered on line, on the
satisfied customer and on getting home in the evening, to relax.


• Overall Brand strategy – what and how we do

• Digitization strategy – we aim for the accounts to be easily accessible digitally
[google my business, facebook, Instagram, linkedin, tik tok, youtube, google search,
display and many others;
• You will contribute to the content strategy – more precisely what and how we post,
where we post with a great team, but especially the posts and the follow-up itself;
• Community Management – ​​take care to give smart answers to all the curious or
• Social Media Copywriting – even if we have colleagues assigned to these topics,
you can contribute, you can modify and more importantly you can adapt according to
the platforms you will be taking care of. We can't wait to test your creativity!
• Visual Oriented – you will sit side by side with the graphic designers to make those
cool visuals stand out, to test that they look good on mobile, on the monitor or on
paper. You have to be eagle-eyed to see when diacritics or punctuation marks are
missing, or an emoji ����;
• Project Tracking – only you can fully control the assigned and completed task, so
you will be the ideal intermediary so that each calendar or project leaves your hand
with praise from customers;
• Internal Communication – we hear or see each other daily so that the team moves as a whole;
• Interactive & Digital – video is the new PINK! but to make a video we want to see a plan, a strategy and a business approach.
• Don’t forget, we work for the brands we represent as for ourselves – every day we
make sure that the systems work, the tracking codes work, the ads attack the
necessary audiences, the links go where they need to go. And we can always add or
improve something.


So, if you want to leave your mark in brand identities, campaigns, memorable visuals and you really feel like working… then we want you with us.

Do you think you fit our description? Send us your CV and a portfolio, and we’ll invite you for a coffee, to get to know each other better.